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2015 Jentel Critic at the Bray

Jentel Critic at the Bray 

A residency for writers interested in the ceramic arts

Two western arts organizations have teamed up to advance critical and creative writing and thinking in the field of ceramic art. The Archie Bray Foundation, one of the nation’s oldest residency programs is teaming up with one of the country’s newest, the Jentel Foundation of Banner, Wyoming. The collaboration is aimed at developing opportunities for more informed and thoughtful critical writing about the ceramic arts on a national and international level, and further enriching the creative environment of both residency programs.

Starting in early May of each year, the Jentel Critic at the Bray will spend up to two weeks at the Bray, meeting and learning about the Bray’s Taunt, Lilian, Lincoln, Matsutani, and MJD Fellows and their artwork, as well as experiencing firsthand the creative environment that helps nurture their work. 

Mid-May through mid-June will be spent at the Jentel Artist Residency Program, where writers can take advantage of the quiet environment to focus on developing the material gathered to produce five 500-word essays about the Bray fellowship artists and their work.

The Bray’s Fellowships are awarded annually to ceramic artists who demonstrate exceptional merit and promise. The beneficiaries of the fellowships are expected to embrace the Bray experience of community and exchange, and focus their attention on producing and exhibiting a significant body of work during their one-year residency.