Guardian Monsters

Communal Narratives is a series I have been cultivating since 2010 and it all began with three chalkboards and six monsters. Since then I have had the opportunity to engage several audiences with interactive monster chalkboards in North Dakota, Milwaukee, San Antonio, and various regions of Montana. The “monster” is a device I use to engage in a conversation about the disparities of what we think and what we do, about the distance between two human beings, and the nature of lightness and darkness. On vessels the stories I have collected from my own observations or interactions are told. In my sculptures I hope to capture the frozen moment of an inner narrative. With my interactive work, I aim to provide a format for collaboration and give my audience an opportunity to voice their own inner dialogue. Over the past four years, there have been some recurring characters in my cadre of monsters. In “Communal Narratives: Family Heritage”, I’m indulging my own perspectives on the human condition and familial interactions with one of my favorite characters--the Bison Monster--more deeply with a collection of frozen moments.