Monster Meditation Class

Sarah's Monster.jpg
Sarah's Monster.jpg

Monster Meditation Class


In many traditions our inner monsters, those aspects of the self we banish into the shadows and closets of the mind, are considered to be our closest allies and hold our greatest gifts. In this two part class we will explore our on MONSTERS through meditation, myth, and clay.  We will engage a transformative dialogue with the intention of harnessing the power of that internal relationship through respect and support. 

We will need at least two month's notice to schedule a class and require a minimum of two students per class.

  • Price listed reflects a "per participant" cost
  • Any travel fees will be an additional expense
  • Age Level:  Teens and Adults
  • All work created will be fired and ready for pick up within ten days of workshop
  • Any shipping costs will be covered by participants.
  • Workshop includes all materials
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