transforming FEARS into STRENGTHS!

everyone IS a story

Whistlepig Studio creates contemporary mythology out of individual stories to empower the individual. Turning our fears into strengths; converting monster to ally through a series of creative engagements. Whistlepig Studio is the visual art studio and writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton. 

An observer. 

I watch and listen to capture stories people share with their voices shouting
but also
the stories they share with quiet, powerful actions. 

Monsters are the chosen delegates. They are the avatars who retell the tales and loosen the insights from memories.  

At Whistlepig Studio monsters are used to embody empathy for our own human frailties. Their literary history makes them the perfect vehicle to coax new stories from hearts and imaginations. Many historic and contemporary tales of fantasy, myth, and legend are carried by monsters.

They universally reflect the darkest realms of the subconscious collective. They provide polarizing clarity within a narrative. A monster is honest in its single-mindedness, as well as its inability to hide faults. 

This honesty, this monster, resides at some strata in everyone's story and Whistlepig Studio delights in providing interactive monsters, chalkboards, and writing scrolls to facilitate the investigation and celebration of everyone’s unique monsters.  By shining a light into the shadow of ourselves, welcoming the monster to sit next to us as an ally,  we step closer to the hero within ourselves, as they are two sides of the same coin:  the light and the dark. 

 Whistlepig Studio hosts a variety of workshops tailored to suit the audience needs: adults, children, workplace environments, and community groups. Whistlepig Studio has been welcomed at national conventions, Domestic and Sexual Violence Organizations, and regional library summer reading programs to name a few.

Everyone leaves with a smile on their face, something to think about, and a personal talisman wrought by their hand.

If you are interested in a unique, hands-on, confidence building experience that is fun, check out the programs page, or contact us and we'll create an experience specific to your group.

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If you would like to support Whistlepig Studios endeavors you have a couple of options. First you can click on the link above, donate, and get some original art in return. Or you can choose to acquire some Whistlepig Schwag by visiting our Society 6 page. There you will find Monster T-shirts, iPhone covers, pillows, totes, and more.