Portraits and ponderings from the writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton.

Latest Thing

So, I was invited to be part of a proposed exhibition on the Seven Deadly Sins. Gluttony was my sin to tackle.

In the past year ideas of craft and clay and what skin covers any given material to validate or invalidate said material have been discussed, researched, reviewed and tossed about in my mind and in conversations with colleagues. The object seen here is what has come of all of this mulling. I'm intrigued by the notion of burying the clay object in a mountain of "gluttonous" material. Craft Rococo. I see Adelaide Paul, Tom Bartel, Matt Mitros, Michael Lucero, Angelica Pozo, Beth Cavener-Stichter, Gertraud Mohwald, and Lisa Clague tumbling out of my head.
Things I'm not sure of: Should it be so "pretty", or should I just really dump every freaking thing on an object in an effort to defeat "pretty"? Do I need to constantly constuct a total figure from the ground up or need I only concern myself with the face or whatever part is sticking out? What if I applied the same idea to functional work, is it too derivative of Oppenheim or not at all?

It's too soon to really put this idea out into the world, but it's the first time in a while I've been really excited about a work, about an idea and it's a little isolated here. If you are an artist with a vocabulary in craft, or not, I'd really enjoy some feedback.