Portraits and ponderings from the writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton.

Third in the Krueger Pottery Workshop Series. Niel Hora and Garret Pendergrass. Throughout the day 22 people came through to watch and learn. This is a shot of Krueger's new workshop space, Ryan and Aimee were hustling to get it ready and they are putting on the finishing touches now.

Niel throwing a handle off the hump, there were several discussions over the course of the week about economy of effort. Throwing off the hump can certainly be a time saver, but the conclusion was: no matter where you think you trim labor it always seems to pop up somewhere else in the process.

Niel Hora's laborious attention to detail is always worth it in the final product, here he demonstrates cutting darts or "How to make a round thing square"

Garret talks about individualized touches on repetitive forms. A lagniappe for each user.

LIVE: Interaction with working artists. Garret discusses form.