Portraits and ponderings from the writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton.

Hot Out the Kiln, Gettin' Ready for FIRE FEST

Last year Michael and I went to a garage sale here in New Haven and came across a stack of shotgun shell bags. They are made of canvas a reminiscent of mini-flour sacks. We only had a dollar, so we bought one stack. I think it was about 20 bags. Today, I have the heads, which will be attached to the little sacks. Welcome my wee monsters to the world. During FIRE FEST I'm going to be making these creepy little heads as an artist demo, although it may be hard to compete with actual fire. I'm just not too sure how well watching the glow of electric elements in my kiln would go over. You might also notice, because the wee monsters are sitting on the ledge of the kiln, that I have a chronic issue with patience. I have never been able to wait for things to cool. Not never, not ever. Much to many a poor soul's dismay.

May I introduce Tweet, Clyde, Muffles and Tyson. In that order from top to bottom.