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Testing Technology--It's New to Me

This is a test
This January I'm going to Denmark to embark on a project in a media I have practically no experience in whatsoever! In preparation for the journey, I've applied for four grants. Two have already turned me down. Currently the proposed project is operating out of, what I like to call, The Sweet Michael/Red Lodge Ales Grant. The project involves recording interviews and eventually editing them in a 45 minute loop. WHEW! The iPad2 is here. Garageband is downloaded. I can edit, but it sure isn't elegant. I can burn the track to a CD from my iTunes library and now I've figured out how to embed HTML code for an audio file on youtube. The entire process may sound easy to some of you technophiles out there, but as a person who spent the last three hours trying to figure out how to post an audio file to my blog this is a small victory for me. Enjoy my minor strides as you like.