Portraits and ponderings from the writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton.

Long Time, No Chat

Things have been very, very busy over here at Whistlepig. We left Montana in our rearview mirror in December of 2015, heading to Gulf Coast State College in Panama City Florida, where I was the visiting resident artist for six-months. It was supposed to be at least a year gig, but Northern Clay Center called and I was added to the team in one capacity, which has evolved into another. Now my day job is granting wishes, helping artists grab for the future, and capturing the story of Northern Clay Center for posterity and future opportunities. My sweet Michael, who most just know as "Sweet" started working for as a flight attendant, commuting to Minneapolis from Denver, then Baltimore, then Houston, as we tried to navigate this new life. Then in the fall of 2016 the anchor of our family left suddenly and all was in tumult. The director and board of NCC saw fit to keep me as part of the family, letting me work remotely as we try to transition to building a home and studio just south of Houston, TX where we have a family pasture. Soon that native pasture will have a small homestead upon it. I say soon. Slowly, but surely might be a better way to describe the transition. In the meantime, Sweet commutes to St. Louis from Houston. I commute between St. Louis and Minneapolis. We have a culvert installed on the property. We have a septic schematic drawing. We have a surveyor on the hook to solidify our property lines. We have moved right on up the list to have a well installed. We are blessed. We are whole. We are valued. The sun is shining on the horizon.