You Gotta See This

Creators of modern day fables and mythologies. These are ceramic artists capitalizing on the fantastic, luring shadowy traces of humanity out of the darkness, cupped in their hands for us to see.

Roxanne JacksonUndine BrodRussell WrankleTammy MarinuzziMagda Gluszek, Jeffrey Sincich

 Carole EppTre Arenz, Marilyn LysohirRoss CoatesMax LehmanPattie Chalmers

Artists reaching beyond the object. These makers facilitate human connectivity, considering it as integral to the creative experience as the object, if not more so.

Jeni Hansen GardMichael StrandChotsani Elaine DeanJeff SchmukiJames Henry CrissmanCollaborative Art International

But wait! Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Puppeteers, Stop Animation, and more!

The Brothers Quay, Julie Taymor,