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Whistlepig Studio is the visual art studio and writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton. 

Whistlepig Studio is the birthplace of Guardian Monsters, meditative objects for a rudderless world.

Yes, I believe in fiction.

Yes, I believe in the power of myth.

Yes, I believe in standing in your own truth, as best you can, at any given moment andan object can be a physical touchstone to help guide you in your quest.

Whistlepig Studio is claiming the birth of a new school of illustration, coining the phrase "nomadic regionalism".

Every Guardian Monster is an amalgamation of real  experiences.

Every Guardian Monster is a contemporary fable.

Every Guardian Monster figurehead is an artifact of a moment gone by and a moment yet to come. “Monster” as a spiritual tool is a tradition I willfully jumped into. I am engaging a conversation about ritual and religion. I facilitate acts of spiritual reclamation through Guardian Monster workshops. I posit that totem, talisman, god, demon, angel, witch, hero, and spirit from any tradition can be equally used as devices of oppression. To counteract the misappropriation of the mystical, Guardian Monsters seize power from an authoritarian state and return power to the hearts and minds of the individual.

Guardian Monsters created by individuals, can drive the darkness from their lives and hold the maker accountable to their highest self. The handcrafted object is a tool of empowerment. YOU get to name your belief. YOU get to carve your road to enlightenment. The Guardian Monsters are just one interpretation of the talisman, the totem, the god, the demon, the angel, the witch, the hero…the spirit.