Portraits and ponderings from the writing desk of Jill Foote-Hutton.

Todd Cero Atl at Krueger Pottery

So the week of June 13-14 was the first Weekend Workshop offered at Krueger Pottery in Webster Groves, MO and Todd Cero (rhymes with zero) Atl (rhymes with rattle and cattle and prattle) came to demonstrate floral containers, flower bricks, frogs, baskets and to give a terrific lecture on the history of floral containers. His formal body of work consists of installation, slipcast sculpture and performance art, which I think allowed him a wonderful sense of fun and play while he was demonstrating his functional pieces. He uses slip like icing by mixing up a thick paste , adding vinegar and putting it into a ziploc baggy. Then he snips a corner of the baggy and uses the mixture to attach. It really was quite efficient. The quote of the weekend , the handiest little bit of advice was, "There are really only so many parts to a vessel. You should treat them all well. Consider every one of them." His parting advice was to not admonish yourself if you aren't a huge producer of work, saying it is better to put work into the world which will make people weep than to dump copious mediocrity out. Todd was a student of the late Richard DeVore and currently teaches at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS and at Johnson County Community College in Lawerence, KS. His work has also been featured in Ceramics: Art & Perception.The Flower Brick we couldn't visualize until we saw it on the second day.
Everyone listening and ready to take notes. Aimee and Ryan of Krueger Pottery, really do have a most loyal client base.
Pushing out the sexy vase and thinking about the folds of the body.
Finishing touches of a Flower Bucket where the handle will provide visual impact at the center of the arrangement.